The 6 Hour Production Motorcycle Race

The 6 Hour was an Australian institution and a celebration of motorcycling. A test of man and machine it was for sure, but more than that it was a test of tenacity, perseverance, skill, courage and sheer determination. It was a stringent test of a riders physical, mental and emotional capabilities backed up by a team's preparation, strategy and desire to win. Attributes that it seems Australian Motorcyclists have in spades.

The 6 Hour encouraged a strong grass roots following through participation. Riders, sponsors, pit crews, etc. It seems the 6 Hour embodied a family mentality where all motorcyclists and people with a passing interest worked together.

Motorcycle dealers, all classes of road race competitors and motorcycle clubs, friends, family can all combine together with support from the industry to provide an exhilarating race and reward for all.

The 6 Hour provides a unique opportunity to present the sport and industry working together in a positive light, not just to motorcyclists but to the general public at large. The thrills and excitement that motorcycling brings and the camaradie that exists amongst us all.


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(Credit: Tony Hatton) (Credit: Kevin Corcoran) (Credit: Arthur Manning)
(Credit: Mark Heinrich) (Credit: Ross Paterson) Mick Hone, Rob Scolyer,
John Pace & Alan Blanco
(Credit: Mark Heinrich)

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